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Alternative Medicine Connection

We’ve found a lot of sites around the net that describe experiences with alternative medicine. Most of them seem to be sponsored by a particular practitioner or supplement manufacturer.

Alternative Medicine Connection is an unbiased space for sharing your experiences with alternative medicine. You can also browse the experiences of others and check out the practitioners that have registered with us.

Sharing experiences to benefit others.

Ruby on Rails HAML Cucumber


Toastmasters International provides a full-featured web site for managing a local club’s business. The site can print a meeting agenda, but unfortunately only supports one layout.

rosie_agenda allows a club to continue to use the standard web site for managing a meeting, and supports printing the agenda with whatever layout is desired. (in progress)

Ruby Sinatra mechanize


Many of the students I help at Railsbridge Boston have trouble remembering the tiny details required to develop and deploy a Rails application. Who can blame them? It’s only their first app!

gittyup is provided to the students as a wrapper for git add/commit/push to Heroku, as well as rake db:migrate. This has reduced the number of times students forget one of the steps, freeing up time to learn other stuff.

Relish docs

Ruby aruba

Cheap Buster

Boston’s public transportation system (MBTA) allows buses to be queried via SMS text message – but the system is quite chatty. Often 3 or 4 messages are exchanged to get arrival predictions for a single bus. I pay a fee for each message sent or received on my feature phone. Not good.

Cheap Buster allows a rider to customize the messages to suit their personal needs. One message can include predictions for multiple buses, and can lower the cost of the entire exchange to a single SMS text message. Good. (in progress)

Sinatra Cloudmailin Google Voice Amazon SNS

Schedule Science

Small conferences (such as weekend science fiction conventions) sometimes struggle to create an online schedule for their event.

Schedule Science makes it easy for the con staff (typically a new bunch of volunteers every year) to add their sessions to the online calendar. The calendar can then be used by attendees to pre-select topics and speakers of interest.


Ruby on Rails 2.0.2

tools for Second Life

Second Life is an immersive virtual community with the same goals as real life: create! socialize! have fun!

I’ve been a resident of Second Life since they released a Macintosh client in late 2003. Because the world is programmable (!), there are many opportunities to automate things for fun and profit. Or just plain weirdness.

My Second Life page describes some of the utilities I’ve created, including updated Linden Scripting Language syntax files, code editing via Eclipse/BBedit, and automated image upload.

Ruby C MPW Linden Scripting Language Eclipse